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The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) continues to look for ways to advocate on behalf of its members and provide new opportunities to diversify their services. In June 2016 several new initiatives were announced by AIC as opportunities to provide new services to new markets.

Part II: What You Should Know About the Direct Comparison Approach and Were Afraid...

(This post is Part II to the previous article “Standardizing the Direct Comparison Approach) The DCA is described as an approach. The dictionary describes an...

Part I: Standardizing the Direct Comparison Approach

This article will be posted in three parts: Part 1: Rationale for standardizing the DCA in terms of the actual adjustment process. Part 2: Fundamentals of the DCA and the traditional format it follows. Part 3: Implementation of the only DCA method found that follows the traditional DCA format, and allows each appraiser to explore his or her data.

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ housing policy that the federal government...

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ housing policy that the federal government can implement Proceed ahead with serious caution and much consultation.

Students and Candidates: 5 Ways to Connect with other Appraisers

A new AIC member offers some encouragement and practical suggestions for networking and building new contacts in the appraisal profession.

Seven Myths and Realities of Residential Appraisals: Do You Know the Facts?

There is an overall misunderstanding about how an appraiser arrives at a market value, sometimes leading to a misconception that "the appraiser killed the deal". This article will debunk these myths and provide additional insight and perspective from a designated appraiser’s point of view.

Business Succession – Timing Your Exit Strategy

This article offers the pros and cons of various exit strategies for those considering retirement.

A Typical Day of an Appraiser on the Prairies

This article explores the life of an AIC Designated Appraiser and his work in the Canadian prairies.

Property Valuation: Why is it important in today’s economy?

As the 2008 - 09 financial crisis so clearly demonstrated, real estate markets - when not appropriately regulated and managed - can contribute to the instability of a nation’s economy. One of the core elements of a healthy and balanced real estate market is a systemic approach and commitment to reliable property valuations.

An appraiser’s role within the municipal government – valuing for the future

An AIC Designated Member gives some insight into a career with municipal goverment In The City of Edmonton.